Check If CPU Supports Second Level Address Translation (SLAT)

SLAT or Second Level Address Translation, is a Sync: Secure File Sync Between Computers Using P2P Technology [Public Alpha] » href= »http://www.adminreseau.fr/bittorrent-sync-secure-file-sync-between-computers-using-p2p-technology-public-alpha/ »>technology that was applied on Intel and AMD processors.

Intel’s SLAT technology is represented as EPT (Extended Page Table). This technology is available in processors with virtualization support: core i7, i5, i3, Pentium G6950 and other appropriate Xeons. It is not available in Core 2 based or other earlier Intel processors.

AMD’s SLAT technology is represented as RVI (Rapid Virtualization Indexing) technology in their third generation Opteron processors codenamed Barcelona.

How to Check if Your Machine’s Processor Supports SLAT?

A cool and free Windows Sysinternals tool called Coreinfo (currently at v3.04) can help you check whether your CPU supports SLAT.

CPU Run As Administrator Screen

  • Browse to the location you saved the exe file you have just downloaded and type the following command:
    coreinfo.exe –v

In case your machine runs a CPU that support SLAT you will see an asterisk “*” next to EPT field as shown in the example below:

CPU Supports SLAT Asterisk

If your machine doesn’t run a CPU that supports SLAT you will not see the asterisk, but a minus “-“ appears instead, as shown in the example below:

CPU Does Not Support SLAT Example

Just for clarification, if you run coreinfo on an AMD based computer, you will get a value called NPT (Nested page Tables) instead of EPT. The asterisk appears or not whether it supports SLAT or not.


With this information, you can now move forward and install Windows 8 Client/Server beta on your computer, or choose to upgrade your CPU first, in order to enjoy the fantastic new capabilities of Hyper-V.

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